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Windows: fill your home with light!

More light, much more light! That is what we can achieve with the right windows in our home. With usual illumination, the homes acquire superior warmth, as well as greater ventilation and thermal and acoustic insulation.

Regarding the materials

Nowadays you can make a door of almost any element, but if you want to contain your budget, there is a series of more common materials and explored by the signatures of home and decoration, depending on each area of the door:

In the structure:

You can use hollow doors, which are the simplest, cheapest and least recommended if you want robustness, safety, and sound insulation.

The massive home window replacement, however, are much more convenient for a multitude of factors, being able to choose them from agglomerates or natural woods, which I strongly recommend (and some good hinges will be able to work without problems with usual weights of about 30 kilos).

In the frames:

You can also choose waterproof agglomerates or aluminum, but again, the wood is much more resistant, also to moisture.

home window replacement

In the finishes:

The details of a door are those that help you associate your aesthetic with the rest of the stay. The flashing, for example, can be the same color as the sheet or have contracts that are more similar to the colors of the walls or nearby accessories.

As I commented before, glass doors (in an infinite variety of qualities, thicknesses, resistances, and finishes) are a great option for places where privacy is not a must, to take advantage of natural light and share it between rooms.

The exterior decoration, the finish of each door

Whatever your manufacturing material, each door can be finished in various ways in the aesthetic section.

They can be covered with a natural veneer of unvarnished wood or painted (lacquered or varnished), to achieve the finish you want, depending on the rest of the decoration of the house.

Painting is the most traditional and basic method, but there are also modern finishes such as finish foil, a sheet of paper that imitates any type of paint or material and is placed on the surface of your door.

The most common measures indoors

Maybe you have never thought about it, but as with so many other parts of your home, there are a series of standard measures that help the industry to generate elements in series without triggering costs.. Something similar happens with the doors: there is a kind of repeated measures in almost every home. The leaf practicable, for example, range between 62.5 cm, 72.5 cm, and 82.5 cm, with the most usual height being the 203 cm. And eye, because certain rooms have divergent sizes. The bathrooms tend to use 72.5cm sheets – almost never bigger – and this is important to plan the size of those that you plan to include in yours.