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Reasons or Buying Steam Mop

Have you seen nightly commercials promoting the benefits of owning a steam mop? Can your neighbor boast that she can clean her house twice thanks to her new vaporizer? Is anyone in your home sensitive to cleaning products? Or are you just tired of lugging a mop and bucket every weekend and want to find an effective alternative?

There are several brands and models of steam mops on the market

Although there are slight differences, these devices do basically the same thing. They clean the floor with steam instead of soap and other detergents. They can be used on various types of flooring, including ceramic tiles, linoleum and air-tight parquet floors. Some even have an optional accessory that allows them to be used on a carpet. They should not be used on exposed wooden floors. Hot steam can also be harmful to wax fewer floors. Although they can be used on linoleum and similar surfaces, hot steam can have an adverse effect on the adhesive used to adhere these types of floors to the floor.

If you are worried about the safety of using a steam mop on the floor, there are a few steps you can contact. First, you can contact the floor manufacturer and ask. Secondly, you can check the car in a small area, which is located in a zone of poor visibility. To use the best steam mop, you need to read the detailed instruction manual that came with it. However, to give you a brief description of how they work, these are the basic steps:

  1. best steam mopFill the water tank with running or distilled water. Most recommend using distillate if the water is hard.
  2. Place a cleaning cloth on the bottom of the machine. Many models use reusable and machine-washable cleaning wipes. Some have disposable pads that can be discarded after use.
  3. Make sure your hands are dry. Connect the machine and wait for it to warm up. For most brands, this takes about thirty seconds.
  4. Start the evaporation process. Some models work with a trigger, while others use the pump movement in the handle to trigger this process.
  5. Slide the squeegee head down on the floor, adding more steam as needed. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for disinfection. Most recommend leaving the sanitizer in place for a certain period of time .
  6. When done, turn off the machine and disconnect it. In addition, do this every time you need to fill the water tank or replace the cleaning pad.
  7. To store the machine, read the instructions. Most recommend that you empty the water tank, remove the cleaning pad and carefully wrap the output cable.


As you can see, using a steam mop is a fairly simple process. You can achieve results similar to using a mop and bucket, but with much less discomfort and effort.