How to choose bedding like a boss?

To choose the right bedding, you have to take into consideration several criteria: the morphology and the support of sleepers, the hygiene of the bedding, the suspension of the bedding, the independence of sleeping, and the size. Discover our tips for choosing a goodbedding. Click here for floral style bedding.

Choose morphology and support

The first criterion of choice for bedding is morphology. Indeed, according to the morphology of the people the support is different. It must be neither too firm nor too supple to keep your spine erect and thus prevent back pain. For people who have back problems, firm bedding support is recommended. It is necessary to increase the firmness of the bedding with the morphology. Visit this site for floral style bedding.

We propose to make a personalized test to find how to choose the right bedding that will offer the best support. Adapting bedding according to your body type is the key to sleeping well.

The hygiene of the mattress

It must be checked whether the bedding has undergone anti-mite and antibacterial treatment to avoid allergies, asthma or eczema. In addition, prefer bedding on bedding made in France respecting the standards in force, the pledge of good quality for a restful sleep.

Choose the mattress suspension

It should be known that there are several types of suspensions or bedding technologies:

Springs: a better-ventilated bedding with good ventilation.

Several types such as biconical springs or multi spire springs (better quality). Very good independence of sleeping compared to your partner.

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Foam: firmer support. Foam is a good value for money in terms of comfort. Polyurethane foam or more high-end foam High resilience.

Latex: comfort softer, hypoallergenic material for people with allergies. Good ventilation promoting hygiene. The latex mattress has a life often longer because of its resistance.

Memory foam: very comfortable sleeping. The shape memory marries the parts of the body to align your back and to decrease the points of pressure. Ideal for people with back pain. Do not choose memory foam if you tend to get hot at night.

Sleeping independence

To know if you sleep with two, it is necessary that the bedding proposes good independence of sleeping. The movements of one should not disturb the other. This criterion will allow you to not be awakened by your spouse and improves your quality of sleep and your well-being. A decisive advantage if your partner tends to move often. Pocket spring beddings are a good choice because they offer very good independence of sleeping because the springs are bagged individually; they are independent of each other.