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A shower head is one of the neediest accessories of a bathroom. It not only adds on to your requirement but also put extra emphasis on the décor of the bathroom. A wide range of shower heads are available in the market and it is solely dependable on the customer choice on the basis of design, shapes, functionalities, special features, price tags. The shower features are segregated on the basis of the quality.


There are many types of shower heads with different unique features and some are listed below.

  1. HIGH-PRESSURE SHOWER HEADS:- By the name itself it is known to be sprinkling water in a high force and pressure through the amount of water discharged remains The shower nozzle is sharp and emits water at high pressure. The mechanism involves a pressure chamber and an adjustable spray setting. The adjustable spray setting helps to converge and condense water and lead to the emission of sharp and stronger jets. Whereas the pressure chamber is concerned there is an addition of pressure and air to allow the water to burst in high pressure.


  • The most important feature of the high-pressure shower head is conservation of with the use of high pressure the shower head lead you to rinse very quickly and without wasting a lot of water.
  • Shower heads with high pressure also give a natural massage The shower heads with multiple spray pattern help in the relaxation of the body.
  • Taking a comfortable hot shower under high-pressure shower head gives you a splendid feeling and completely rejuvenates your tired muscle.
  1. LOW-PRESSURE SHOWER HEADS:- The name of low shower heads comes up with conservation of the water. The mechanics of the shower head is preferred by those people who have a keen eye in conserving water. Thereby this shower head helps to save water of no less but by 40%. The mechanism lies by – this shower head uses energy to heat the water resulting in a decrease of water usage as well as reduces energy usage.


  • Apart from the pump to conserve water the shower head allows you to have a control over your bathing areas by the process of
  • Though this shower heads might not be as powerful as the high-pressure shower heads or other it gives you a enjoyable regulated bathing.
  1. RAIN SHOWER HEADS:- This shower head is a treat for those people who are an immense lover of rain, hence it is the perfect shower head for their bathroom. The traditional shower head comprises a large base with multiple nozzles whereas the modern models are concerned they are modified with pressure valves. For the best experience, it is advised to fix the faucet in the ceiling so that you get an actual feeling of being drenched in the rain. There is another way to get the feeling of the rainfall if you can fix the rain shower head at an angle allowing the water to fall straight just as rain does.

To conclude, there are various best shower heads available in the market. Bathroom accessories also can come up in a lot of varieties, the shower heads are a perfect example of it. Shower heads are available on the basis of your needs and décor of your bathroom. The shower heads are manufactured and modified according to the need of the mass. Give a look to the discusses shower head and choose what fits best to your requirements and your bathroom.