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Get Benefits of Residents Staying in Holland Village Area

If you are considering staying in Singapore, then Van Holland is one of the most incredible places for staying. It is the one such new freehold development which is situated in the right heart of village Holland. The development is the former Toho Mansion Enbloc that was successfully sold to Koh brothers. Koh brothers have already award-winning and recognized company. They introduced a fresh concept of seamless and integration for the whole Holland village area which consist of everything such as better apartments, shopping centers, transport, amenities, swimming pool and many more.

The Koh Brothers provide the benefits from the new master plan of village Holland which is introduced with the new concept of seamless and integration of the whole area of van Holland. Staying in Holland village is one of the great decisions of you, and you can experience the way of living. Van Holland is also one of the most incredible places for dining and shopping centers. The prime piece of freehold land that has contained the full size of 47,660sqft. The total size of the van Holland has 73,396sqft that offers the various benefits of new master plans. The plans of the Koh brothers are underway of construction the site for 13,500 sqm of retail space. There is also more than 400 private apartments.

There is also under development of the dual-use office residential unit. Koh Brothers provide the highest quality of their work. They also offer the under-government master plans to be a high technology with high-quality features. In the real estate market in Singapore, the Singapore Government has introduced a series of cooling measure to stem the increase in property price of Singapore. If you want to invest in Singapore, then stamp duty is increased from the present 7% to 12%. Many different layouts are also available at van Holland show flat according to your requirements.

You can also get the various kinds of benefits for staying here such as nearest shopping centers, medical centers, hospitals, specialist clinics and many more. Van Holland is one of the most fantastic places which help to provide the everything according to people’s requirements.  The company is recognized as a reputable company when featuring real estate developments in Singapore. If you want to invest, then you can get a request here